Drive Train Service in Mentor at Tuffy Mentor

February 29, 2016

The drive train in your vehicle includes all the components that transfer power from the transmission to the wheels. Those components differ depending on what type of vehicle you drive, namely, front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. The preventive maintenance ... More

The Straight and Narrow: Power Steering Service at Tuffy Mentor

February 27, 2016

Service to a vehicle's power steering system is part of preventive maintenance for Mentor . This system provides power to the steering wheel so you can turn it with ease. Without power steering, all of the power to turn your vehicle's wheels would have to come from you.The central element of ... More

Clean Air for Your Engine: Engine Air Filters In Mentor

February 27, 2016

Every Mentor car owner who has taken their car in for an oil change has been told that their engine air filter's dirty. Here's what goes into the determination of when to change the filter: First, your vehicle owner's manual will have a recommendation of So between your owner's manual and ... More

The Tuffy Mentor Guide To Servicing Your Differential

February 26, 2016

Differential? What's that? And what's it for? I've been told by my that I need to get it serviced, but is that on the level?Do these questions sound familiar? They're not uncommon for Mentor drivers. A lot of us in Mentor don't know what a differential is or what it's for. Every vehicle has a d... More

It Is Time To Check Your Intervals

February 25, 2016

Part of the engineering that goes into designing a vehicle is testing the components to ensure that they meet durability and safety standards. Because of this, manufacturers have a good idea as to how long the parts in your vehicle will last under normal driving conditions. For this reason, the... More

Mentor Alignment Service

February 24, 2016

Your car might have an alignment problem if: it drifts or pulls to one side, your steering wheel is off center, you have uneven tire wear or your car doesn't feel like it handles right. When all of a vehicle's wheels are lined up exactly with each other, your wheels are in alignment. Running into... More

Go Big or Go Home: Upsize Your Wheels at Tuffy Mentor

February 23, 2016

A lot of us Mentor drivers like our vehicles to reflect our personalities. We're picky about color and body style. We'll customize anything from floor mats to window tints to license plates. One popular way for Ohio motorists to customize a vehicle is to get new wheels.Wheels come in thousands ... More

Custom Wheels and Tires for Your Mentor Ride

February 22, 2016

It seems like everywhere you go in the Cleveland area you see custom wheels. Big trucks, little cars, mini-vans - it doesn't matter, are expressing themselves with custom wheels. Some Ohio auto owners want smaller tires and wheels - some want larger - and some want them enormous. So where do ... More

Automotive Tips from Tuffy Mentor: Where Should New Tires Be Placed

February 21, 2016

When Mentor drivers need to replace tires, they need to know how many they should get, and on which axle they should be placed. Replacing a damaged tire may leave you with three others with significant wear, which could affect your traction control, stability control, and anti-lock brake systems.... More

Fuel Saving Tip: Tire Pressure Saves Fuel In Eastlake

February 20, 2016

Under-inflated tires waste gas for lots of folks in the Eastlake area. Think how hard it is to walk in sand you just have to work harder because of the resistance. When your tires don't have enough air in them, their rolling resistance is dramatically increased and it simply takes more gas to... More